I am a DoP and Camera Operator based in London & Bristol. I have a broad range of experience and work mainly on documentary & factual projects. I love the immediacy of the work and the challenge of recording people and events as they happen. I am strongly influenced by documentary photography and welcome opportunities to create cinematic images which help to tell real stories.

Recent years have seen incredible developments in technology and camera formats. I’m excited by the rapidly changing tools in our industry and I work hard to learn new kit and explore it’s potential. I’ve shot projects on a variety of equipment and I believe strongly in using the tools that are best suited to the job (and budget!).

Over the years I've worked for many top organisations, brands, broadcasters and film studios and I’ve been lucky enough to have made films all over the world, working on every continent in often challenging conditions. I’m as comfortable filming handheld in a crowded Peruvian marketplace as I am shooting chroma-key in a London studio or working with A-list talent on a Parisian film set. I really enjoy the variety of working with different crews, talent and contributors and find teamwork one of the most rewarding parts of my job. In addition to working as part of a team, I regularly produce smaller films in their entirety, from planning through to post production.

I am a keen photographer and particularly enjoy travelling with my stills camera. I occasionally shoot stills professionally but photography is primarily a past-time that complements and informs my camerawork and helps to keep my eye sharp.

Whilst I have developed as a film-maker my focus has remained on creating images and I have embraced new technology to shoot in increasingly creative ways and produce high quality dynamic footage. I’m excited about the future possibilities to create ever more cinematic and striking images on productions of all sizes.

Growing up, I was always interested in creating images, starting off with painting, then photography before embracing moving pictures and building a career as a DoP and Camera Operator. At the start of my professional life I deliberately sought to gain a variety of experience and as I have progressed I have shot everything from drama to national news. At this point in my career I have narrowed my focus to documentary style work and in keeping with this I have increasingly worked as a self shooting director, developing story-telling and interview skills to complement my strong technical abilities.

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